Living – Rooms

Living – Rooms is a creative platform that showcases works of art, design and craftsmanship within the unique setting of existing homes. The creators behind it are Sara Martin Mazorra and Merel Slootheer, both autonomous designers who had been working together for a while and wanted to look for a new and exciting way to present work and create a community of likeminded individuals. I love how this results in laid back settings and personal spaces in which to enjoy works of arts and design. No sterile white cube setting, it’s all about the overload of context here.

It all started as a project a year ago when they decided to put their idea to the test during the Vijfhoek Art Route in Haarlem. As a pilot, they took one of their own apartments and transformed it into an overgrown space open for the public for a weekend. Now, a year later and some events further, they return to Amsterdam from the 15th until the 17th of May.  Don’t miss out!

See more of their online universe right here.

Words by Sara Martín Mazorra.