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Living Room Collection

  • Willy Guhl

    Loop Chair


    A mid-century classic like no other, the Loop Chair by Willy Guhl was first designed in 1954 for Eternit but its clean shapes and minimalistic appr...

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  • Kristina Dam

    Desk Sculptures


    You can use the Desk Sculptures one by one or you can choose to display them all together – a small collection and still-life of sculptures in diff...

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  • Sold out
    Studio Corkinho

    Erosion Bowl


    This massive bowl is a natural masterpiece. Handcrafted not to impress but to intrigue. The cut stone unveils the hiding veins of time, to embrace ...

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  • Studio Corkinho

    Erosion Petit Bowl


    A bowl made from precious stone touched by time to keep your most precious objects. Or use its sacred void to serve some finger food like dried fr...

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  • Studio Corkinho

    Erosion Thin Plate


    This thin stone plate is a statement piece to dress your table, to organise some drinks and finger food, or to serve tea. The natural stone cut off...

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  • Kristina Dam

    Offset Candleholder


    Travertine and sandstone meet in this sculptural candleholder. Two natural materials that have been cut, put together and aligned offset on purpose...

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    T Lamp Brushed Steel


    The T-lamp is a take on the archetypal desk lamp, with a simple mechanism allowing it to tilt and cast light from different angles. Its simplified ...

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  • New Works

    Core Table Lamp


    Appearing as if cut directly from the earth, the Core Table Lamp brings a refined slice of Norway’s rugged landscape into the home. Its minimalisti...

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  • Heerenhuis

    Hide Desk


    An elegant desk with a leather tabletop and hand-welded metal frame, the Hide Desk is the workspace you’ve always dreamed of: slim, versatile, and ...

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