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Alabaster Tealight

Add a touch of sculptural minimalism with these solid alabaster tealights. Let their soft-focus light warm any room or use them as playful centerpieces. Each object is handcrafted and tells a unique story of the stone it was cut from with its own subtle crystals and natural colours. The perfect gift to mix and match.

This is a most-wanted item so we've got you covered: these beauties normally ship within 1-3 days.

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  • alabaster stone, hand-cut in Luxor
  • S – Ø8 x 8h cm
  • M- Ø10 x 7,5h cm
  • L – Ø11,5 x 10,5h cm
  • XL – Ø15 x 14h cm
  • XXL -Ø20 x 17,5h cm

Each alabaster is made by hand, small differences in size and finish are normal and part of their authentic charm. We recommend placing a small layer of sand on the bottom of the tea lights to avoid overheating.