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    Taiwan Lantern

    Heritage Lantern White

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    Taiwan Lantern Heritage White interior settingTaiwan Lantern Heritage White with light on
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    Burned Black Coffee Table

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    Burned Black Coffee TableDetail of the Burned Black Coffee Table set in a spacious light and lofty interior at Enter The Loft.
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    Daphine Terra Floor Lamp

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    Lumina Daphine Terra Floor Lamp Couch Living RoomLumina Daphine Metal Lamp Black detail
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    Linen Lantern

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    Linen LanternLinen Lantern light on

Projects by Floris Koch

  • Bar Bowie

    Our goal for Bar Bowie was to design a chic neighborhood restaurant that seamlessly fits into the vibrant streets of Paris. We wanted to create an atmosphere where guests feel like they've stumbled upon a long-standing gem.

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  • The Renessence

    The Renessence is Amsterdam’s newest addition to the world of conscious wellness centres. When tasked with designing the interior for this modern-day wellness centre, The Loft focused on the slogan Remember your Future.

    Discover this project

  • A House In The Woods

    At the end of a leafy lane sits a wood-clad home surrounded by forests. Behind its iron wrought fence, a winding path leads to a grand interior. The dark wooden exterior opens up to an airy living room, where Floris Koch has designed an interior that lets the light in.

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  • Artempo

    Discover a midcentury inspired interior project.

    Discover this project

  • The Dune House

    Bringing the natural landscape indoors.

    Discover this project

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