Enter The Loft Ekaterina Semenova Artist in Residence
Artist in Residence n.15
A new Loft calls for a new Artist in Residence. Find out what ceramic designer Ekaterina Semenova brought to The Loft for this latest edition.
The Loft IV
Meet Miss Bare - the fourth edition of The Loft was warm and grounded. Full of natural materials and hints of travels to far-flung places.
Annemieke Boots Ceramics
Working with clay takes time, endless care and attention; Annemieke Boots understands this like no other and creates intuitive ceramics with a soft touch.
Axel Vervoordt
Axel Vervoordt is without doubt the tastemaker of his time. But the antiques collector and interior designer encompasses a whole philosophy.
Workstead Helios
Taking cues from the past while living in the present, Workstead offers a holistic approach to design in every single object or interior.
Table Tube by Heerenhuis
Oak is one of the strongest woods and these slabs make a sturdy table on a graphical dark metal frame.

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Mineral paint is nothing new, but the vibrant colours by Keim easily combine a rich history with a modern and completely natural finish.
WDSTCK is collective of dreamers and makers. Their gallery is set in the middle of the forest and full of unique products and artefacts.
Openhouse Magazine
Barcelona-based Openhouse Magazine is a platform that showcases all sorts of home-based creative ventures.
Delight Yoga Prinseneiland
Between the historical warehouses at the Prinseneiland, there’s a dock overlooking the canals that serves as the fifth location of Delight Yoga.
the Loft #3
Meet Mr. Benjamin ... our third Loft was inspired by a true dandy with an exquisite taste and an appreciation for quality over quantity.
Oswalds Mill Audio
This story starts with a place, rather than a product. An old abandoned mill in the woods of Pennsylvania, where Jonathan Weiss started playing with old sound systems.
Apparatus Studio combines natural materials and a warm modernist approach in their awe-inspiring lighting, furniture and art objects.
Lampe Gras 222
Lampe Gras N°222
Bernard-Albin Gras was one of the most innovative designers of the 20th century. He designed the Lampe Gras in 1921.


Overgaard & Dyrman
Overgaard & Dyrman combine traditional saddle making techniques with modern technology to create mindbending designs.