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Living Room Collection

  • Kristina Dam

    Desk Sculptures


    You can use the Desk Sculptures one by one or you can choose to display them all together – a small collection and still-life of sculptures in diff...

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  • HIJA Studio

    Aki Room Divider


    This here is an object of pure craftsmanship and beautiful collaboration: a collectible design piece made entirely by hand. The frame takes its cue...

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  • Heerenhuis

    Poplar Coffee Table

    from €1.485,00

    This coffee table is truly one-of-a-kind; handmade out of a single slice of a poplar tree trunk and set atop a robust metal frame. Its organic desi...

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  • Heerenhuis

    Nimbus Coffee Table

    from €370,00

    The nimbus is a thin cross-section of an oak log, one of the strongest woods, majestically reshaped into a sturdy side table. Its imperfect beauty ...

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    Floating Divan


    The Floating Divan creates an intimate place where one can slowly rock and withdraw from hasty everyday life. Lifted from the ground, you are surre...

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