Our Trusted Styling Advisor Jaimy Shares Her 3 Expert Tips for Home Decor Styling

Are you looking to spruce up your home decor but don't know where to start? Meet Jaimy - your go-to expert for all things home styling. With years of experience in customer care, sourcing, and styling for photo shoots, Jaimy knows a thing or two about creating a beautiful and cohesive space.

1. Texture

One of Jaimy's key tips for styling your home decor is to focus on texture. By mixing and matching textures, you can create a visually interesting space that feels cozy and inviting.

But she also cautions against overdoing it - too many textures can make a space feel cluttered and overwhelming.

These are Jaimy's top picks for adding texture: Cushions by Isabel Yamamoto, Rug no. 15 by Cappelen Dimyr, and our bestselling Gaia Vase.

2. Composition

When it comes to composition, Jaimy emphasizes the importance of balance, symmetry, and scale. A well-balanced composition can make a room feel put-together and visually appealing, while an unbalanced composition can make a space feel haphazard and chaotic.

She is a big fan of layering, incorporating different heights and objects such as a coffee table book, artwork, and candle holders. She regularly posts styling inspiration on our Instagram.

For example, Nathalie van der Massen's painting 'Aconite III', paired with coffee table books, Alabasters or a sculptural object such as the 'Brick Sculpture' by Kristina Dam."

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3. Neutral Colour Base

Jaimy is a firm believer that a neutral colour base is the perfect canvas for displaying colored items as statement pieces. This creates a balanced and harmonious look that highlights your decor without overwhelming the space.

Plus, by using a neutral background, you can easily switch out accent colours and decor items to suit your changing tastes and preferences. Additionally, Jaimy emphasizes the importance of changing your surroundings to stay inspired and motivated. By incorporating new decor items or accent colors, you can refresh the look and feel of your space and keep it engaging.

Some items for the perfect base: Alabaster Amber (preferably with light and dark spots), Antique Brown Coffee Table, and Exhale Table Lamp by WDSTCK.

So, whether you're looking for advice on sourcing the perfect accent pieces or need help styling your space, Jaimy has got you covered. With her keen eye for design and her passion for creating beautiful and functional spaces, she is sure to help you bring your home decor vision to life.

Need interior advise? Feel free to reach out to her by email: shop@entertheloft.com or give her a call on +31 (0)20 820 17 14.