Isabelle Yamamoto


“My commitment to a better world: Consume the minimum and give a long life to quality objects. I firmly believe in the importance of consuming the less the better. It is an act of responsibility to give quality objects, fabrics a long durable life. By acquiring my creations made from vintage hemp and natural fibers, you contribute as well to save everyday a little our planet. It is more than ever a necessity. Stop consuming industrial products, made who knows where and by who. Please value with me artisan work, defend the necessary times of creation, avoiding the rush and mass production, and therefore defend with me a sustainable business model committed to our environment and the love of nature.”

- Isabelle Yamamoto

The French artist Isabelle Yamamoto, who lives in Brussels, gives a new life to old textiles that she hunts down on her travels to make cushions with an elegant sobriety.

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Thoughtful Details

The variations in the yarn and natural color of truly natural hemp fabric gives these hemp textiles their timeless beauty and style, and it is what I was looking for to my creations, an intemporal, sober and still rustic look with a story to tell.

Hemp remains very exclusive due to low availability and costly production and is one of the strongest natural plant fibers, four times more durable than other natural fibers.

The natural hemp fibers are also resistant to mold, which will help the fabric stay in better condition for longer to offer reduced damage and better reliability.