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  • The round Mandarin shape Heritage Lantern White by Taiwan Lantern.
  • Taiwan Lantern Heritage White interior setting
  • Taiwan Lantern Heritage White with light on
  • Detail photo top part walnut ring Taiwan Lantern White.
  • Detail photo top view Taiwan Lantern white.
  • Detail shot bottom part messing ring Taiwan Lantern White.
  • Heritage Taiwan Lantern Tassel Lamp Detail
  • Heritage Taiwan Lantern Bottom Lamp Detail
  • Handmade porcelain ceiling cap Taiwan Lantern
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byTaiwan Lantern | Made To Order

Heritage Lantern White

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Steeped in tradition, the Heritage Lantern is meticulously crafted by a team of five skilled artisans over five weeks, employing 190 precise processes for each individual piece. This pendant lamp, made from 90% natural materials, including waxed cotton canvas and a subtly curved bamboo frame, emits a soft and warm glowView how it's made.

The pristine white hue of this lantern takes inspiration from Wu Xing 五行, where white represents Jin 金 (metal), symbolizing brightness and fulfillment. Following this inspiration, the lantern is meticulously finished with a layer of Tung oil, imparting a smooth satin finish. This fusion of cultural symbolism and meticulous craftsmanship not only radiates a sense of purity and brilliance but also embodies the essence of fulfillment.

The Heritage Lantern is also available in black and brown. Besides the Heritage line, we also have the Plant Dyed Lanterns in brown and blue.

Read more about the brand Taiwan Lantern or view their brand video.

The lanterns are delivered unfolded. Check out our guide on how to unfold your Taiwan Lantern and how to tie the cord.

Product Features

• Walnut & bamboo frame
• Oval dimensions: Ø 35cm/13.8inch H 49cm/19.3inch
• Manderin dimensions: Ø 57cm/22.4inch, H 50cm/19.7inch
• Bucket shape dimensions: Ø 42cm/16.5inch, H 52cm/20.5inch
• Hand-colored TC fabric
• Metal pipes & ring
• Handmade porcelain ceiling cap
• E-27 Max 40 Watt
• Cord length 200cm/78.7in
• CE-Certified
• Handmade in Taiwan

Care Guide

These traditional lamps are made by hand in five weeks and 190 processes. Worked on by 5 artisans, they are crafted from 90% natural materials. Gently wipe the surface of the lamp with a dust cloth and keep away from water and direct heat.

About Taiwan Lantern

Taiwan Lantern works with the finest local artisans and Taiwan's last traditional lantern factory, which has made handmade lanterns since 1951 for important temples throughout Taiwan. Their rich traditions and well-preserved Chinese culture is over a thousand years old. Lanterns have storied past dating back centuries and can still be seen in daily life throughout our beautiful island. In Taiwan, latnterns are a symbol of hope, joy and celebration.
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