New Works


New Works, a Danish design label specialising in furniture, lighting, and various objects, is renowned for crafting sculptural pieces distinguished by their unwavering focus on materials. Their interior creations celebrate the rich heritage of Scandinavian craftsmanship and material integrity, all the while pushing the boundaries of modern aesthetics. New Works forms dynamic partnerships with a globally acclaimed cadre of designers and artists who share a deep-seated passion for sculpted shapes and authentic materials.


Scandinavian Design Lighting 

For those seeking Scandinavian design lighting, New Works is your ultimate destination. Their exquisite Tense Pendant Lamps, known and loved for quite some time, are a perfect choice. Whether you suspend one or two above your dining table or place them in your hallway, these lamps, with their paper-like material, infuse your living space with a graceful, clean, sculptural essence.

Portable Lighting 

New Works also presents portable lighting solutions, such as the Kizu Table Lamp and the Core Table Lamp. We adore these items for their self-sufficiency, as they require no direct electricity source. This makes them incredibly versatile additions to your interior. They emit a warm, inviting glow, ideal for when you desire additional illumination without resorting to yet another candle holder. These lamps are perfect for enhancing your office desk, brightening up a dim kitchen corner, or providing ambient light next to the couch in your living room or coffee table.

Wall Shelfs By Knut Bendik Humlevik

The Wall Shelfs By Knut Bendik Humlevik for New Works blends effortlessly into a variety of spaces with its understated details and intelligible flexibility. This simple shelving system continues New Works’ ongoing quest of creating elevated basics. The angular profiles of the wall bars and the integrated bookends keep your belongings in place. The shelves are neatly assembled with flat knurled screws in stainless steel, adding an honest yet refined detail to the design.