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  • Nebra Pendant Lamp Small in interior setting
  • detail of Nebra Pendant Lamp Small by New Works
  • detail of Nebra Pendant Lamp Small by New Works upside down
  • Detail of Lampshade Nebra Pendant Lamp Small
  • Nebra Pendant Lamp Small from bottom view by New Works
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byNew Works

Nebra Pendant Lamp Small

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Introducing the Nebra Pendant Lamp Large—a stylish mix of tradition and modernity. With the Nebra Series, experience a captivating interplay of design evolution.

Crafted for effortless integration of classic and contemporary elements, the Nebra Series offers an innovative lighting experience. Its adjustable design lets you shape your space with ease, creating various lighting moods—from calm ambient glows to cozy intimate settings. Versatile and expressive, this collection suits diverse spaces, harmonizing light and form seamlessly.

Crafted from durable PES textile, the Nebra Wall Lamp elegantly resembles paper while offering resilience, embodying the perfect balance of form and function in the Nebra Series.

Also available in Large and as a Wall Lamp, the Nebra Series provides endless lighting options.

Designed by Lukas Bazle for New Works, the Nebra Pendant Lamp Small blends artistry with functionality effortlessly.

To experience the impression of the light and understand its functionality, watch our video demonstration.

Product Features

• Ø 400 x H 300 mm, Adjustable shade Ø 400 - Ø 750 mm
• Canopy: CE Ø 155 x H 40mm
• Cord: 5000 mm
• CE: LED 22W, 2700 K 220-240V~ 50/60Hz Lumen 1500lm

Care Guide

The Nebra Serie is made from PES Textile, making it durable and lightweight. We recommend gently dusting the lamp. Keep away from water or heat.