A mid-century classic like no other, the Loop Chair by Willy Guhl was first designed in 1954 for Eternit but its clean shapes and minimalistic approach make it just as relevant today. Its distinctive fine lines and reinforced cement fibre make it a statement piece that can be enjoyed both indoors and al fresco. Read more about this iconic Swiss design on our blog.

Sponeck Chair

The Sponeck Chair, designed by Julia von Sponeck, is a unique blend of style and comfort. Two fibre cement panels support the ergonomically sophisticated shape and provide superior comfort. The matching Sponeck Side Table completes the set and creates a beautiful, stylish ensemble. The chair was inspired by the iconic Loop Chair by Willy Guhl.


Because of its stackable nature, the Loop Chair and Sponeck Chair have surprisingly low shipping costs. Plus, there's no need to wait - it's in stock and ready to go within the next 7 days.