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  • Sponeck Side Table by Julia von Sponeck.
  • Three Sponeck Side Tables used as foot stools for the matching Chairs by Julia von Sponeck set in an outdoor lounge deck area.
  • Julia von Sponeck Side Table / Foot Stool.
  • Close-up of the Sponeck Side Table / Foot Stool.
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byJulia von Sponeck | Stock Item

Sponeck Side Table

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The Sponeck side table, designed by Julia von Sponeck, is a unique blend of style and comfort. Two fiber cement panels support the ergonomically sophisticated shape and provide superior comfort. The side table matches with the Sponeck Chair and doubles as a footstool with storage space. The chair was inspired on the iconic Loop Chair by Willy Guhl. Read more about it on our blog.

You can use this beauty indoors and outdoor.

Because of its stackable nature, the Sponeck Side Table has surprisingly low shipping costs. Plus, there's no need to wait - it's in stock and ready to go within the next 7 days!

Product Features

• L50 x D50 x H25 cm
• Uncoated natural gray fiber cement with a natural, finely rough texture.
• Weather-resistant, sustainable and durable.
• Suited for in and outdoor use

Care Guide

Dirt, moss, and algae can be gently removed with a mixture of water and some cleaning vinegar using a non-abrasive sponge. To maintain a uniform color tone, always clean the entire surface.