Slow travel & design in Morocco with Studio Joko


During these quiet times, we caught up with our friends Edith Scharloo & Debbie Trouerbach from Studio Joko. Lately, we’ve seen many creatives using these challenging times well, to manifest ideas and find new ways to foster creativity. Not taking the solitude for granted, Edith & Debbie decided this was the right moment to bring their long-awaited project into the world. Marrakech, Morocco – A visual travel essay by Studio Joko is ready to see the light of day. Emerged from their recurring travels to Morocco, the book is a reflection of their experiences and highlights the rich Moroccan culture and history.  Their first publication is now available to pre-order via their crowdfunding campaign at Voordekunst. 

We can’t wait to get our hands on their book and invited them to share some stories. 

” Hi Sara! thank you for having us. We are happy to share more about our current project – our very first travel publication. The coffee table book is part of a series of travel essays with Marrakech, Morocco as the first edition. Ever since we traveled to Morocco for the first time together, we knew this place possessed something magical. We were charmed by the infinite visual and cultural beauty of Marrakech and its surroundings – from its untouched natural world to the mystical symbolism.


What truly motivated us to visit Marrakech in the first place, was to explore the awe-inspiring mishmash of North-African architecture and South-European influences. One of the best examples of this aesthetic is Amanjena Resort. Like many retreats in Marrakech, Amanjena is situated in a peaceful area amidst lush date palms and fragrant olive trees.


We visited Amanjena during the quiet winter, and with no other visitors around, we were able to fully immerse in its architectural beauty. We experienced a similar feeling when visiting Dar Sabra, another sheltered resort and the highlight of our book. We spent the entire day strolling through the gardens, admiring every quirky plant and art object that caught our eye. Both Amanjena and Dar Sabra are places that invite you to slow down and take your time to explore every design-filled corner. This is also what we want to convey with our travel book: we focus on the elements that stand out when you allow them to unfold. We avoid the fleeting hotspots and offer full-page analog photography and inspiring stories instead. 


Morocco left us with the resolve to return, but also with the excitement to explore more destinations. Which destination our next book will feature? We are not sure yet! Japan, California, Mexico, and Namibia are at the top of our list, but we might look closer to home. To be continued…