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Tautanz Natural Soap Bars

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Gently cleanse your skin with this all-natural bar of soap. Each soap bar has been formulated with natural cleansing ingredients that respect both skin and environment. Indulge in a cleansing ritual that will leave you refreshed with aromas of pure olive oil, rosemary or charcoal. 

Tautanz is an eco-conscious brand that produces small batches of artisanal soaps. All ingredients are locally sourced, and each soap is produced by hand in Portugal. The result is a compact collection of natural cleansers, made with respect for mother nature and your skin's natural barrier.

Product Features

• made by Pharmacists Vitor Rodrigues in Portugal
• 100% vegan
• each piece is 100 gram
• all- natural, Ph-balanced with no artificial • perfumes, preservatives or added colors
• suitable for sensitive skin

Care Guide

Also suitable for sensitive skin, all bars have the own features where to use for. Olive Oil & Charcoal & Pine soap is for face and body wash, Rosemary & Clay is great for body scrubbing. Moisten soap in water, lather and rinse.

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