Bonni Bonne is a design studio founded in 2017 by Emelie Ivarsson and Shalony van Stralendorff. Based in Norrland Sweden, the company was born from a joint passion and fascination for nature, gastronomy, and presence of everyday aesthetics.

" Our ambition is to highlight some of Norrland’s traditions. Genuine craft and ancient knowledge is presented in new contexts, in a more modern take. We work with the meeting between poetic and timeless aesthetics, where our products are created out of everyday needs."

— Emelie Ivarsson and Shalony van Stralendorff

Outline Chair 02

Subtle and well thought through details embraced by nature — the Outline is a minimalistic chair with Japanese influences shining through. Bonnibonne collaborated with architect Fumihito Ohashi to achieve a beautiful balance of excellent quality where Japanese timeless aesthetics meet Scandinavian handicraft and raw materials. Focusing on pleasing simple,  yet interesting aesthetics and functional details.

Elm Plate

If you want to add some fine dining pazzaz to your table, this is the one. A handmade elm plate suited for displaying your finest creations. Or use it to keep your most precious finery. This petite vessel adds tons of charm to modern and classic interiors alike.

Cheeseslicer Elm & Curly Birch

An elegant cheese slicer made from sustainable and timeless materials is hard to come by. This handcrafted piece festures a handle made of exclusive curly birch or solid elm wood to add a rustic finesse to your kitchen.

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