Founded in 1911, Fredericia is a family-owned interiorcompany known for its strong tradition of craftsmanship and design. They've worked closely with renowned designers to build a brand characterised by integrity, artistic expression, material expertise, and knowledge. 

The Spanish Chair by Fredericia

The Spanish Chair, designed by Børge Mogensen, is a masterpiece of modern design made from high-quality oak or walnut and top-notch saddle leather. Over time, it becomes even more stunning and is treasured by design enthusiasts. Fredericia, a respected furniture brand since 1911, collaborates closely with Mogensen to create this enduring symbol of elegance.

The Pato Chair

The Pato Chair is a versatile seating concept featuring a shell made from 100% recycled polypropylene. It comes in various options, including with or without seat upholstery and a range of base choices. The four-leg tube base version is stackable. Fredericia is committed to sustainable design, ensuring the Pato Chair's components are recyclable for the future.

If you're interested in another product from Fredericia, like the Ox Chair or The J39 chair, please let us know. We can place an order for you.