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  • Wooden Sphere | Galaxy Box Oak Round by Kristina Dam.
  • Wooden Sphere | Galaxy Box Oak Round and Flat by Kristina Dam at Enter The Loft.
  • Family of Galaxy boxes by Christina Dam.
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Galaxy Box Oak Round

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The wooden spheres are made of solid oak hardwood. This beautiful accessory is made of two turned wooden bowls that unite as a perfect circle. Use the wooden sphere to store any precious item or pair it with the other natural storage items by Kristina Dam.

The design approach from Kristina Dam Studio is called "Sculptural Minimalism". They are graphic and architectural, made with a high level of detail and excellent craftsmanship. Her furniture is mostly made from natural materials. They believe mastering the monochromatic palette enables us to create timeless and enduring designs.

We have this beauty in different shapes and colors. 

Product Features

• Natural Oak
• Ø12x H15 cm
• Handmade in Denmark

Care Guide

The oak is treated with oil. If the surface of the oak wood dries out, you might be able to restore its original glow by applying new linseed/flaxseed oil to the product. Follow the instruction label of the oil carefully. When cleaning the products, use only a damp cloth and dry immediately with a soft cloth to prevent watermarks.