Brick Lane Cutlery by KnIndustrie

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The cutlery set “Brick Lane” takes a hot vintage look, with its classic design and the finish obtained by a backwash with porcelain stones.


An invitation, according to the thought of KnIndustrie, that encourages to break with usual tableware practices for a more free and informal approach. This cutlery set is elegant enough for a formal setting as well as simple enough for everyday use. The collection consists of many pieces, so you can choose to create you own set, much like if you were hunting for vintage cutlery at the original Bricklane market in London.


Size overview per items below, length is displayed.

Table fork: 21cm

Table spoon: 21cm

Table knife: 24cm

Fruit fork: 19cm

Fruit spoon: 19cm

Fruit knife: 21cm

Meat knife: 24cm

Fish fork: 19cm

Fish knife: 21cm


Coffee spoon: 14.5cm

Moka spoon: 12cm


Ladle: 29cm

Serving fork: 24cm

Serving spoon: 24cm

Sauce ladle: 18cm

Cake server: 25cm