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Innovation, Craft, and Vision for the Future

Zakaria Rugs is searching to restore the commitment to handcrafted goods, which has been negleted through mass-production and unsustainable consumption over the last decades.

Collaborating with multi-disciplinary artists, Zakaria Rugs wants to re-propose the rug as a medium for expression and innovation. The exploration of new perspectives, dialogues and cultures reaches a synthesis between tradition and innovation, between artisans and contemporary art.

Our goal is to translate visual conceptual ideas into high-end durable rugs, thinking about sustainability and environmental impact of ever step of the production process. Zakaria Rugs are beeing made using only natural materials and acid-free dyes to embrace the significant beauty only hand-made rugs can convey.


Zakaria Rugs was founded by Philip Rosenberger in 2019 as a platform for design, where handmade rugs meet different cultures and dialogues.

By designing high-quality products intertwined with contemporary art, the essence of Zakaria Rugs is the appreciation for handcrafted goods, as opposed to the now-normalized fast-paced and unsustainable mass-production of goods. Unthoughtful, out-of-scale consumption and its consequences cause incalculable destruction to life on earth. In designing and selecting the best quality products to provide, we put justice, sustainability, and good workers’ labor conditions at the center. Zakaria Rugs takes ecology, fair trade, and the well-being of craftsmen in India and Morocco seriously.

By putting these values, traditional handcrafting techniques, and the remarkable work of artists first, Zakaria Rugs aims to build its platform to be innovative, sustainability-focused, and transparent, all while raising awareness for the importance of ecological production and inconsiderate consumerism. 

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  • PCB Rug

    Regular price From €1.250,00
    Regular price Sale price From €1.250,00
    The grey PCB Rug by Zakaria Rugs hanging from a wall in a light interior room.PCB Rug by Zakaria Rugs.
  • E La Nave Va Rug

    Regular price From €650,00
    Regular price Sale price From €650,00
    E La Nave Va Rug by Zakaria Rugs at Enter The Loft.E La Nave Va Rug by Zakaria Rugs.
  • Saana Rug

    Regular price From €850,00
    Regular price Sale price From €850,00
    Saana Rug by Zakaria Rugs lying in front of a small wall table with decorations and Burned Chunk and Paulistano Chair at Enter The Loft.Details of the Saana Rug by Zakaria Rugs.