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What started out as a team of interior designers, has grown to become a community of interior lovers, who all share the same philosophy — seeing spaces work their magic on people. We design interiors, curate a shop and travel the globe to bring you the finest creations by independent brands and modern craftsmen.

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Spaces that make you feel comfortably at home.

Over the years, we've perfected our love for interior design. We really believe a good interior starts with a solid base. Timeless furnishings, natural materials and handmade quality are rooted into our interior philosophy. We can help you with just the right chair in your living room or take over your entire renovation project. You can make use of our suppliers, knowledge and expertise. Get in contact about the possibilities. 

We inspire your interior journey

We love interiors. And we love sharing them with you. From our journal to our free styling advice and our daily dose of interior inspiration on our Instagram. We want your interior design journey to be a thrill, and we’re here for the ride, so contact us if you need any advice.


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  • Alabaster Tealight Amber

    Regular price From €42,50
    Regular price Sale price From €42,50
    Alabaster Tealight AmberAlabaster Tealight Amber
  • Hide Desk

    Regular price €1.300,00
    Regular price Sale price €1.300,00
    Heerenhuis Hide Desk Credenza Enter The LoftHeerenhuis Desk leather metal details handmade
  • Epoch Rack Natural Oak

    Regular price From €130,00
    Regular price Sale price From €130,00
  • Trestle Table

    Regular price From €4.600,00
    Regular price Sale price From €4.600,00
    Table Trestle Oak Interior Enter The LoftLoft Table Oak Handmade Interior