Sambonet Cutlery side view


For over 150 years, Sambonet has delivered exquisite cutlery, true to its North Italian heritage. Each Sambonet table set is a unique work of art, built on history, originality and craftsmanship. Coming from a true and trusted Italian tradition, each piece is made with the finest materials and notable Italian excellence and taste.

Baguette Vintage Serving Cutlery combines classic style with a vintage finish to create a beautiful cutlery set that would compliment any table setting. Made from stainless steel, the cutlery is durable and perfect for everyday use, or for that special table setting. 

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We have the cutlery set of 24, this set is suitable for 6 people (including 6 x table fork, 6 x table knife, 6 x table spoon and 6 x tea spoon. You can also buy the pieces separately to get the exact set you want.

We have different add ons for the set such as the steak knife, dessert spoon, dessert fork, dessert knife, moka spoon, cake fork, ice tea spoon and fish knife.

We also have serving cutlery available from the same line.