The Pleat Pitcher - Creating Individuality Within Serial Production

Pleat Pitcher by New Works

In a world dominated by uniformity and standardization, the Pleat Pitcher emerges as a symbol of rebellion against the norm. Designed by by Omayra Maymó and manufactured by New Works in 2020, this extraordinary piece challenges the conventional industrial techniques and embraces a new approach to design.

The Pleat Pitcher is the result of a simple yet powerful gesture—a deliberate modification of a perfect cylinder, transforming it into a vessel that embodies meaning, function, and expression. By pulling the cylindrical body, a flawless spout is effortlessly formed, revealing the pitcher's strength and simplicity.

Unlike common industrial practices, the Pleat Pitcher's shape is not imposed but rather emerges through meticulous material manipulation. The mirror-polished steel is allowed to naturally wrinkle, unveiling the beauty of its organic deformation. This unique treatment not only adds aesthetic value but also significantly strengthens the structure, enabling a reduction in material thickness while maintaining integrity.

With a dripless pour and a perfect one-hand grip thanks to its 90mm diameter, the Pleat Pitcher holds over 1 litre of liquid. Its functional design seamlessly combines utility with elegance.

Pleat Pitcher by New Works detail photo 2

Adding individuality

Born as part of a speculative project, the Pleat Pitcher aims to infuse individuality within serial production. It stands as a bold statement against the prevailing aesthetic model, inviting us to embrace diversity and celebrate the beauty of imperfections. Through a novel technique developed by the designer, each piece is crafted with controlled freedom, allowing the material to behave naturally and create unique folds, making every Pleat Pitcher an unmatched object.

This visionary approach seeks to forge a stronger emotional connection between user and object, enriching our everyday experiences. By merging the power of mass-production tools and bending them to our advantage, the Pleat Pitcher becomes an embodiment of uniqueness, expressiveness, and soul, extending the lifespan of the object and transforming it into a cherished companion.

Pleat Pitcher by New Works detail photo

With Pleat, Omayra Maymó transcends the boundaries of traditional industrial design, offering us a glimpse into a future where personalization and emotional resonance coexist harmoniously. It's a testament to the transformative potential of innovative techniques and a reminder of the beauty that lies in embracing individuality within the realm of serial production.