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Objekto has created a collection of long-standing successes and bestsellers.

Remaining on the sidelines of frenzied trends, the brand has always sought out creations with strong identities which, for the most part, are not the works of designers, but of architects, cabinetmakers, artists, graphic designers or engineers. Creative spirits with a different perspective on objects, who envision them with long life and lasting use in mind.

This legacy-oriented approach combines the poetics of line with quality of use and materials, all consummated in the creation of timeless archetypes: a universalism found in the maker’s very name, Objekto, meaning “object” in Esperanto.

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Paulistano Chair

The Paulistano chair is an iconic furniture item, designed by Paulo Mendes da Rocha, 2006 Pritzker Prize winner.  The leather seating is easy to switch to fit your interior style and will develop a wonderful patina that will become more and more beautiful over time. Edited in small series, the Paulistano armchair emerges from the past to show that the purity and the elegance of its lines are timeless: a masterpiece.

 Designed in 1957 by Paulo Mendes da Rocha, the Paulistano armchair was part, for many years, of the living rooms of the Athletic Club of São Paulo. The constructivist concept of the structure made up from a single bent steel bar, and its cover made up of leather, procure to this armchair an esthetical lightness and incomparable comfort.