Start planning the festivities

The festive season is right around the corner. Planning ahead for perfect table dressing will make you go into the festive season with a bang and without a worry.

The table

It’s the focal point of all celebrations. Combine cosy details like candles and tablewares to create a centrepiece that sparks conversation and sets the mood. Mixing and matching tablewares and decorations is part of the fun.


Something's cooking

The festive dinners can feel overwhelming. We get it. So making sure your kitchenwares are up for the task is essential for going into the cooking marathons with confidence. Invest in tools that are both practical and beautiful. The best parties are in the kitchen, after all.


A solid base

Needless to say, it all starts with a table. A beautiful base to gather around and raise a glass. A good table is an investment: it will last a lifetime, and become the place to meet and make memories. When it comes to seating, anything goes. Combining different styles of chairs and stools creates a playful effect.


Our tables & tableware

Table accessories

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    Jars Ceramistes

    Dashi Bowl Quartz

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    Dashi Bowl QuartzDashi Bowl Quartz
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    Baguette Vintage Cutlery by Sambonet

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    Baguette Vintage Cutlery by SambonetBaguette Vintage Cutlery by Sambonet
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    Studio Corkinho

    Erosion Petit Bowl

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    Erosion Petit BowlErosion Petit Bowl
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    Jars Ceramistes

    Dashi Bowl Celadon

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    Dashi Bowl CeladonDashi Bowl Celadon