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Timeless Linen


"It is our belief that choosing linen is a statement. It is following your heart, living in the moment, and being a part of nature. When you touch linen, you are reminded to take a breath, slow down, and open your eyes." - Timeless Linen

Timeless Linen is a brand that specializes in offering a range of high-quality linen products. Each product is carefully crafted with exceptional attention to detail to ensure a sophisticated and elegant addition to any home. From aprons, throws, cushions, placemats, and napkins Timeless Linen's collection is designed to add a touch of luxury to everyday living.

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  • Linnen theedoek

    Normale prijs €14,50
    Normale prijs Aanbiedingsprijs €14,50
    Linnen theedoekLinnen theedoek
  • Off White Linen Cushion

    Normale prijs Vanaf €32,00
    Normale prijs Aanbiedingsprijs Vanaf €32,00
    Off White Linen CushionOff White Linen Cushion
  • Linnen Placemat

    Normale prijs €12,50
    Normale prijs Aanbiedingsprijs €12,50
    Linnen PlacematLinnen Placemat
  • Tijdloze linnen schort

    Normale prijs €49,00
    Normale prijs Aanbiedingsprijs €49,00
    Tijdloze linnen schort


Linen, a natural fibre derived from the flax plant, is a marvel of sustainability and versatility. Every component of this plant is utilized, including the seeds, stalk, and byproducts generated during linen production. Flax, in particular, is widely recognized as the raw material for creating exceptional fabric due to its outstanding properties, such as durability, absorbency, breathability, strength, and thermoregulation.

Timeless Linnen, craft its own fabrics using flax grown in Europe, and their products are meticulously woven and sewn in Poland – a country known for its long-standing traditions in linen manufacturing, as well as being their place of origin.

  • Timeless Linen's collection of fabrics has been thoughtfully curated to cater to a wide variety of needs, with each fabric being selected for its unique weight and texture. From a lightweight linen fabric weighing 90g to a heavy-duty upholstery fabric weighing up to 500g like our Linen Cushion Heavyweight Natural, our fabrics have been carefully chosen to cater to a range of needs.

  • As for color selection, they offer a range of neutral shades, such as Natural, Off-White, and Oatmeal linen. These shades have been chosen for their ability to imbue a sense of tranquility, effortlessly blending into any interior design scheme. We believe that these shades will continue to stand the test of time and changing trends, making them a truly timeless choice.

  • Timeless Linen offers an array of high-quality linen products, including aprons, throws, cushions, placemats, and napkins. Each product is crafted with exceptional attention to detail and designed to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any home.

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