Audo (Menu)


We connect people. We connect design. We connect spaces.

Audo (Menu) has always been fascinated by the way in which individuals and spaces can be united through great design. In our pursuit to craft furniture, lighting and interior accessories shaped by purposeful details, high-quality materials and human needs, we create strong and lasting relations between designers, manufacturers and customers. 

The sense of community that results from this union of like minded individuals fosters a deeper sense of belonging – and products that stand the test of time, inviting human connection, inspiration and experimentation to push the boundaries of modern design. We truly believe that when we work collectively, we achieve more than we do individually: the sum of our work and of our connections is always greater than its parts, and our softly minimal designs and collaborative spirit help to join the dots between the home, the workplace and the service industry, redefining how we use space and, ultimately, how we connect to those around us.

Menu has recently joined forces and is now part of Audo Copenhagen.

Explore the collection

  • Hashira Pendant Lamp Ø18cm

    Normale prijs €350,00
    Normale prijs Aanbiedingsprijs €350,00
    Hashira Pendant Lamp  Ø18cmMENU_Hashira_Pendant_Lamp_Androgyne_Dining_Table_Rectangular_Harbour_Side_Dining_Chair
  • Hashira Floor Lamp

    Normale prijs €800,00
    Normale prijs €845,00 Aanbiedingsprijs €800,00
    Hashira Floor LampMENU_Hashira_Floor_Lamp_Brasilia_Ottoman_NNDW_Cup_Houkime_Rug_1
  • Hashira Wall Lamp

    Normale prijs €240,00
    Normale prijs Aanbiedingsprijs €240,00
    Hashira Wall Lamp Raw by Audo CopenhagenHashira Wall Lamp Raw by Audo Copenhagen light on
  • Stance Vase by Colin King

    Normale prijs Vanaf €230,00
    Normale prijs Aanbiedingsprijs Vanaf €230,00
    Stance Vase designed by Colin King for Audo, MenuStance Vase designed by Colin King for Audo, Menu detail photo

A New Chapter

Audo Copenhagen is born of collaborative spirit. Developed from uniting MENU, The Audo and by Lassen, Audo Copenhagen reflects both a century of Danish design tradition and a modern, global outlook that is continually expanding and evolving.

Audo Copenhagen's aesthetic philosophy has been coined and characterized by its clean lines, serene composure, subtle resilience, earthy tones, and the use of natural materials crafted with the utmost respect. This philosophy promotes creative contemplation and harmony, adapting seamlessly to diverse architectural styles. It is suitable for both residential and commercial settings, and its timeless essence ensures that Audo pieces can be cherished for decades, seamlessly transitioning to new homes and inspiring new creative chapters in life.