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Antique Brown Coffee Table

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Wabi-sabi is an age-old Japanese philosophy. It embraces simplicity, natural materials, irregularities, and asymmetry. This inspired the design of the Antique Coffee Table. A table that is characterized by simple lines, warm tones, and a timeless aesthetic. 

Selected for quality and authenticity, only sustainable wood is used. The design of the Antique Coffee Table is close to the ground, reminding us of the tables in classic Japanese homes. A grounding, comfortable design that will create a gentle focal point in the room.

If you are interested, the table can be custom-made into any height free of charge. If you need a completely tailor-made table, please let us know. 

Product Features

• Entirely made to measure
• Our showroom model is a custom-made 360cm
• Height - 20cm
• entirely made to measure
• material - oak, tropical wood, or burned acacia available.
• send us an email to to discuss options.

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