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  • Repeat Stackable Cookie Jars by Het Houtlokaal - A set of dark walnut wood jars, hand-turned and modular. The stackable design allows for easy storage and a striking centrepiece.
  • Repeat Stackable Cookie Jars with the lid slightly removed. The dark walnut wood creates a sense of warmth and the modular nature allows for creative arrangements.
  • Repeat Stackable Cookie Jars by Het Houtlokaal. The stackable feature makes them easy to access, while their presence adds a stylish touch to any table setting.
  • Repeat Stackable Cookie Jars as part of the Repeat collection by Het Houtlokaal.
  • Side view of the Cookie Jars by Het Houtlokaal. Showing the natural grain of the wood and the beautifully crafted protruding lid handle.
  • Het Houtlokaal Cookie Jars close-up. Showing the natural grain of the wood and the beautifully crafted protruding lid handle.
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Repeat Stackable Cookie Jar

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Dark, moody walnut wood is hand-turned to create a modular, stackable jar. Perfect to store sweets and treats. Or as a striking center piece. Endlessly functional, the lid can be used as a serving platter.

The Repeat collection is designed and crafted locally in Rotterdam. By friends, and makers, Marisa Klaster and Suzan Doornbos. It’s a collection of table accessories where form and functionality meet. The same shapes and materials are used throughout the collection, making it endlessly modular — lids become plates, and egg cups become quirky table sculptures.

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Product Features

• Design — Klaster x Doornbos
• Repeat is a design collection of stackable tableware. stacking the individual items will result in surprising objects.
• Finish — hard wax
• size w:22cm, h:8cm, weight: 734 gr

Care Guide

Easy to clean with warm or cold water. The cookie jar has been sealed with a hardwax finish that is foodsafe.