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  • ENO Studio Coloured Glass Oil Lamps - amber orange with lit wick
  • ENO Studio Coloured Glass Oil Lamps - single tall amber orange glass oil lamp with lit wick
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Coloured Glass Oil Lamps

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The delicate oil lamps will compose a quiet and poetic atmosphere. Their cheerful coloured glass makes them perfect to mix and match to create a soft, glowing array of light. Perfect for cosy indoor evenings, but work just as well to add a burst of colour to outdoor living.

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Product Features

• Coloured glass
• Size S - Ø10x H6.5 cm
• Size M - Ø7.5 x H10 cm
• Size L - Ø7.5 x H13.5 cm

Care Guide

We always recommend using good quality paraffin oil to make sure your interior treasures last longer. Make sure to use the complimentary funnel to easily replenish the oil in your lamps and avoid spilling.