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  • Little Bowl by Het Houtlokaal, a hand-turned wooden bowl made from sustainably sourced sycamore wood. It features a food-safe and water-repellent hard wax finish, making it suitable for both warm and cold nibbles.
  • The asian style wooden bowl shown with black chopsticks. Weighing only 200 grams, it is easy to handle and adds a touch of natural beauty to your table setting.
  • Little Bowl Sycamore Wood in use, serving as a versatile vessel for various culinary delights. Its sustainably sourced sycamore wood construction and food-safe finish make it a durable and beautiful addition to your tableware collection.
  • Two bowls of Het Houtlokaal stacked, highlighting its craftsmanship and the natural beauty of sustainably sourced sycamore wood. Handmade in Rotterdam, it embodies the artistry and storytelling of Marisa Klaster, a local woodworker.
  • Close-up of the Little Bowl Sycamore Wood by Het Houtlokaal, showcasing its natural beauty and intricate grain patterns. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident in every curve of this unique tableware item.
  • Little Bowl Sycamore Wood displayed on a table or countertop, adding a touch of organic elegance to the dining experience. Each piece is made from old city trees by local artisans in The Netherlands.
  • Little Bowl Sycamore Wood displayed from a top-down perspective, revealing its size and shape. The W16 x H5 cm dimensions make it a versatile and compact piece for serving and presenting food.
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Little Bowl Sycamore Wood

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Suited for both warm and cold nibbles, this hand-turned wooden bowl is made from sustainably sourced sycamore wood with a food-safe and water-repellent hard wax finish. This collection of unique tableware items is made from old city trees by local artisans in The Netherlands.  An expression of natural beauty that's made to last.

Marisa Klaster is a local woodworker, hailing from the port city of Rotterdam. Her workshop is a treasure trove of precious woods — from birch to ash wood and sycamore. She personally selects each piece and treats it with reverence, revealing its shape and function as she gently turns it on the wheel, resulting in collectible interior treasures. Each with its own story, each growing more beautiful over time.
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Product Features

• finish — food-safe hard wax oil
• size — W16 x H5 cm
• weight — 200gr
• handmade in Rotterdam
• sustainably sourced maple wood

Care Guide

Easy to clean with warm or cold water. Due to the natural properties of wood, each item will age uniquely over time. Treat with care to make it last.