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  • ENO Studio Micro Candle Pin Black (set of 2) -  metal candle holder in use, holding small candles securely in place. Enhances stability and creates a visually appealing display.
  • ENO Studio Micro Candle Pin Black (set of 2) - Black metal candleholders, a sleek and stylish accessory for securing small candles. Features a minimalist design for a modern touch.
  • Close-up of the Micro Candle Pin (set of 2) - Metal Black Candleholders by ENO Studio
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Micro Candle Pin Black (set of 2)

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The sleek design, wonderfully utilising minimalism, makes these smaller Candle Pins a beautiful edition for any interior; perfect for dark nights, romantic settings, and creating a calm ambiance in your home. Simply heat up the metal tip before gently pinning the candles to create a shimmering display.

We also have this set in a brass edition. Please also check out our other variants: Multi Candle Pin & Candle Pin

Product Features

• Ø6 x H8 cm
• Blackened steel
• Made in France

Care Guide

The Candle Pin is designed to hold all sorts of candles. Just heat the metal tip of the candle pin and gently pin the candle on, then wait for a second for the wax to harden again.