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  • Alabaster Tealight Amber by The Loft Selects.
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  • Large collection of Alabaster Tea Light Holders in Amber and White
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Alabaster Tealight Amber

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Add a touch of sculptural minimalism with these solid alabaster tea lights. Let their soft-focus light warm any room or use them as playful centerpieces. Each object is handcrafted and tells a unique story of the stone it was cut from, with its own subtle crystals and natural colors. The perfect gift to mix and match.

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Product Features

• S – Ø8 x H8 cm
• M- Ø10 x H7.5 cm
• L – Ø11.5 x H10.5 cm
• XL – Ø15 x H13 cm
• XLL– Ø20 x H18,5cm
• Alabaster stone, hand-cut in Luxor
• Each alabaster is handmade, variations in size and color are part of its authentic charm

Care Guide

Place the alabaster candleholders on a plate or layer to protect your furniture from heating. Each alabaster is made by hand, small differences in size and finish are normal and part of their authentic charm. We recommend placing a small layer of sand on the bottom of the tea lights and a layer of felt on the bottom to avoid overheating. Please do not use water or any other liquid to clean this