interior design by floris koch renessence amsterdam

Renessence is Amsterdam’s newest addition to the world of conscious wellness centres. When tasked with designing the interior for this modern-day wellness centre, The Loft focused on the slogan Remember your Future. A powerful message to stay grounded and be present – without forgetting the future is unfolding right now.

Our Head of Design Floris has taken on this design project from the very beginning. Together with our partners, we have sketched out and executed the entire project. We have used many of our current partners and asked them to work with natural tones. Many of the furniture pieces are from one of our favourite brands Audo CPH.

We wanted to create a space that would be anchored in ancient wisdom, but honouring the cutting edge approach of Renessence itself. A space that would be a reflection of well-being and self-care in the modern age.

We kept the space vast and open, with earthy stuccoed walls and plenty of dark woods to counterbalance the futuristic look of metal oxygen pods, sunken marble ice-baths and clean IV drips.

Earthy Futurism

Renessence is a place where grounding yoga classes coexist next to cutting-edge cryo-chambers. It’s this exact juxtaposition between soft and modern that was at the core of our concept:

“Nowadays, wellness is increasingly popular. But the traditional meaning of a spa has changed over the years; with technology making it quicker and easier to care for our mind and body. While, at the same time, there’s a collective longing for natural interiors.

We wanted to highlight this sense of earthen, grounded spirituality infused with cutting edge technology. That’s why we used rounded shapes and earthy colours alongside mirrored metallics and stone surfaces. Brushed nickel finishes refer back to the futuristic machinery that provides The Renessence’s most innovative treatments. Pairing these stark metals with warm woods, stone, and open archways created a sci-fi interpretation of a traditional Japanese onsen.”

All details at Renessence are sunken in, hollowed out and lovingly handcrafted to ensure the interior never feels too sterile. As always, The Loft collaborated with local craftsmen to deliver custom finishes. The big eye-catcher being the round, sunken sofa that’s at the heart of the space. The open floor plan provides a space for people to come together, to share and to heal in harmony.

We feel honored to have Renessence, highlighted in Elle Decoration UK's February 2024 issue.

interior design by floris koch renessence amsterdam