Audo Copenhagen

Audo Copenhagen interior brand, born from the partnership of MENU, The Audo Copenhagen, and By Lassen. This collaboration blends a hundred years of Danish design tradition with a modern, global approach that keeps evolving. Their design furniture, lighting, and interior accessories are designed with thoughtful details, top-notch materials, and human comfort in mind.

Objects by Colin King

"Objects by Colin King" presents captivating sculptures by Colin King, author of "Arranging Things." Notable is the Interconnect Candle Holder, initially crafted for furniture brand Menu. These luxe design accessories are a true centrepiece in your living or dining room.

Quality Furniture

One of their iconic design furniture items is the Offset Sofa Designed by Norm Architects. This is a couch with a loose cover available as a one, two and three-seater. Combine it with the Androgyne Side Table, this design furniture piece is a true eye-catcher.

Shelves and Storage 

Menu presents an impressive range of wall shelves, including standout options like the Gridy Fungy Shelf and Epoch Shelf. These wooden shelves offer versatile utility, serving as an excellent bookshelf or elegant storage shelf.

Notably, the Epoch Shelf is accompanied by the Epoch Rack, which acts as a convenient wall rack for hanging coats, bags, or towels. This ingenious addition enhances its functionality, making it a versatile fit for various spaces such as kitchens, hallways, or bathrooms.

Looking to optimise your office space? Our top pick is the Rail Desk. This wall-mounted desk not only conserves space but also comes with an additional component – the Rail Shelf by Menu – providing extra storage. Streamline your workspace with this efficient solution.

Design Lighting

Audo Copenhagen offers a great variety of lamps such as the Hashira lamps designed by norm architects, first designed for Menu. They offer a floor lamp, table lamp and pendant lamp perfect for above your table, office desk or kitchen. They Are perfect to light up that little nook in the corner of your living room and bedroom. Need a great fit your your bedside light? Try the Cast Scone Wall Lamp Diffuser, dimmer designed by Tom Chung. This light fixture has Led and is dimmable.