Taiwan Lantern

Three differently shaped hanging lanterns by Taiwan Lantern.


“With sincerity and pride, we present our Heritage and Plant Dyed Collections. We hope they inspire you and add something special to your life”.

- Taiwan Lantern

With a new sense of creativity, Taiwan Lantern values the achievements of the wonderful Chinese history, heritage, and craft. The lanterns represent the best Taiwan has to offer.

Taiwan Lantern works with the finest local artisans and Taiwan's last traditional lantern factory, which has made handmade lanterns since 1951 for important temples throughout Taiwan.

When you purchase a Taiwan Lantern, you can expect uncompromised quality. Each lantern is hand crafted by local artisans using the finest materials. Wherever possible, they use natural and locally sourced materials from Taiwan.

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Artisanal artistry

Steeped in tradition, 5 artisans work together to create a single lantern. Each pair of hands completes one of the intricate steps The colours from the lanterns are complete natural, each artisan harvests plants and turns these into rich, natural dyes. The body is handcrafted by skilfully bending bamboo rods. Even the brass and porcelain fittings are handmade, made according to ancient tradition.