ENO Studio

Multi candle pin holder by ENO studio.


“ENO studio, the joy of editing a Free Design”

ENOstudio (“Edition Nouveaux Objets”) was born in 2OO7, with the ambition of editing quality everyday objects, furniture and lighting, with a sustainable, simple and poetic design.

our desire is to propose every kind of French design for everybody’s home, implementing a form of sublimated resurgence of French elegance, while transcending a form of urban and prospective decorative universe.

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User guide

1. Always use quality candles. The Candle Pin and Multi Candle Pin are made to hold candles big and small, thin and chunky. We recommend using (relatively soft) candles like the Bolsius Tapered dinner candles.

2. Heat the metal tip of the Candle Pin with a lighter for at least 10 seconds. This will make it easier to gently glide the candle on. Give the candle a moment to settle so the wax can harden and you're good to go. 

Do not put too much pressure on it. The don't have to go down all the way (see top picture).

3. Gently wipe any dust with a damp cloth. We love letting the Candle Pin age with wax dripping like stalactites. However, if you wish to remove the wax, you can dip the pin warm water and wipe dry with soft cloth.

  • Our Candle Pins are probably one of our most requested accessories from our collection. That is why we have them in a few variants: Multi Candle Pin, Candle Pin, Micro Candle Pin in Black and Brass.

  • Looking for a great gift? Micro Candle Pins are always well received. They look great anywhere in the room, together or as a single piece. They blend in and elevate the ambiance to the next level.

  • When looking for a not-your-average centerpiece the Multi Candle Pin is a great option. Light a few or all candles, depending on your mood. We combined her on our countertop with the Jars Yin Vase.