Baby it's cold outside

But who says gloomy weather is a bad thing? This is the season to get cozy, like a pro. Invest your time indoors to finetune your interior, any changes now will be enjoyed all year. Lounge on pillowy cushions, wrap yourself in  a blanket, dim the lights and cup your hands around a handmade ceramic mug.

Let the light shine

Darker days ahead mean it’s the perfect moment to invest in cozy lighting. Overhead lights can be too bright to set the mood, so make sure you have an array of smaller lamps that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Portable lamps are specially handy to brighten up corners that are difficult to reach and they come with the added bonus of saving on energy.


Soft surroundings

The couch is the go-to place for the season. Natural materials work year round to create a comfortable lounging corner and linen is king, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Just add an array of cushions in similar tones for a subtle effect and invest in pure wool blankets, the cherry on top.


Shimmering lights

Nothing says cozy winter night as a burning candle. Their soft focus light will add a golden glow. Mixing and matching materials, shapes and sizes will create a shimmering display that can be used in any room, or for any table setting. 


All in the details

Coziness is a feeling, an experience to enjoy with all senses. Ceramic mugs, bowls and cups will turn your lounging snacks into a sensory experience. All too often we forget about the importance of these last details, but the sense of touch, taste and smell should be underscored with tactility.


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