Stone Collection

For ages, stone tableware has remained a trusted choice, admired for its enduring beauty and robustness. Its charm graces anything from relaxed gatherings to sophisticated soirées, bringing an air of refinement. And don't forget, stone's adaptability extends beyond the table – think stunning lamps and tables. Curious? Delve into our preferred stoneware brands.

New Works

This distinguished brand presents a captivating array of stoneware lamps, among them the enchanting Kizu Collection, the refined Core Table Lamp, and the timeless allure of their Material Lamp Collection. Illuminate your space with their masterfully crafted luminaries.

Kristina Dam

Elevate your living space with the exquisite creations of Kristina Dam. Her collection of decorative items redefines elegance through stunning sculptural designs. Experience the allure of the Marble Sphere Box, the mesmerizing Spinning Top Mirror, the artful Offset Candle Holder, and the captivating Bookend Sculpture.

Studio Corkinho

Discover the allure of Studio Corkinho's Erosion series, a masterpiece born from passion and crafted by hand in Belgium. Immerse yourself in the world of 100% authentic Pierre de Varennes, Pietra di Medici, and Beige di Medici stones. Indulge in the Erosion Family, including the graceful Erosion Candle Holders, the sophisticated Erosion Coasters, the charming Erosion Petit Bowl and the Erosion Thin Plate.

Audo Copenhagen

Audo Copenhagen, formerly known as Menu, presents a design classic that seamlessly blends form and function—the refined side table with a marble top. Delight in the Androgyne Side Table Crystal Rose Marble, an embodiment of elegance, or opt for the Androgyne Side Table Ivory Steel Marble table top.
Styling tip: if your couch consists of multiple pieces, consider sliding in a trestle between them—a stylish solution to hold your coffee cup or favourite magazine.