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  • Cappelen Dimyr Handwoven Rug No.15 - big rug hanging on wall in neutral space
  • Details of a handwoven rug by Cappelen Dimyr
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Handwoven Rug No.15

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This rug is designed by Cappelen Dimyr, a creative collective based in Copenhagen. They are passionate about creating contemporary artisanal rugs and tapestries in the finest natural fibers, handcrafted by specialists in India using traditional techniques.

No.15 is classic in its appearance, but the curls give it a soft and groovy look reminiscent of the 70´s luxurious materiality. Made from unbleached New Zealand wool, hand-knotted, and hand-spun. Due to the hand-spun technique, the yarn makes for a curly characteristic look.

We have a box available with all the samples of the rugs from Cappelen Dimyr. Let us know if you are interested in one of these beautiful rugs, or feel free to stop by our showroom. 
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Product Features

• Hand knotted and woven
• 85% unbleached New Zealand wool, 15% cotton
• Good Weave Certification and Care & Fair

Care Guide

Because of the natural structure of wool, the long pile rugs tend to shed initially, and it is therefore recommended to vacuum the rugs daily in the beginning.

It is recommended to use a rotary brush spout when vacuuming long pile rugs to avoid damaging the yarn. Make sure to not use a heavy beater bar nor have the vacuum on the setting closest to the ground.