Original Home

At its core, Original Home is a global brand driven by the fusion of nature-inspired aesthetics and minimalistic design. Their collection embodies eco-friendliness, promoting well-being, igniting creativity, and celebrating individuality within any interior style.

Original Home's Ethical Business Model and Social Impact

Established in 2013 as an exporter of furniture and décor, Original Home Company quickly recognized their designs carried a unique essence. This realization led to the birth of Original Home, a brand with a vision that transcends conventional home decoration.

Original Home's vision extends beyond aesthetics. Their ethical and sustainable business model places the planet and people before profits. Notably, 75% of their collection is crafted from discarded materials, fostering a circular economy and reducing waste.

Collaborating with social entrepreneurs across different continents, Original Home empowers communities while adhering to fair trade practices. Remarkably, 20% of their profits are channelled towards local social causes, embodying their commitment to positive change.