The Repeat collection is designed and crafted locally in Rotterdam. By friends, and makers, Marisa Klaster and Suzan Doornbos. It’s a collection of table accessories where form and functionality meet. The same shapes and materials are used throughout the collection, making it endlessly modular — lids become plates, and egg cups become quirky table sculptures.

Handmade Wooden Sculptures

The pieces from this collection are made-to-order. They are carefully crafted by hand and coated in a food-safe hard wax oil. They are easy to clean with warm or cold water. Due to the natural properties of wood, each item will age uniquely over time. Treat with care to make it last.

Storage Jar, Cookie Jar and Egg Set

Like the other products, these dark walnut storage jars are hand-crafted. the lid can be used as a little goodie plate as well. Repeat Stackable Little Storage Jars (set of 2) Need to store bigger items? These jars are perfect for storing sweets and treats. Or as a striking centrepiece. Endlessly functional, the lid can be used as a serving platter. Repeat Stackable Cookie JarThese beautiful ornaments are actually a salt and pepper shaker, with egg cups. The set contains 2 egg cups, as they are stackable it is easy to add extra cups to the set. Repeat Stackable Egg Set (set of 2ppl)