Explore our thoughtfully curated couch collection, featuring renowned brands like Gervasoni, known for its exquisite Ghost Collection. Discover beautiful linen couches that perfectly complement any interior. If you prefer a more modern aesthetic, be sure to check out the Offset Sofa by Audo Copenhagen. Upgrade your living space with our diverse range of options.

Gervasoni Couch Natural Linen

Discover the elegance of Italian design with the Gervasoni Couch. Crafted from 100% linen, this sofa embodies the essence of natural materials. Designed by renowned Italian furniture creators, Paula Navona and Marco Piva, the Gervasoni Couch adds a touch of sophistication to your living room.

Offset Sofa By Audo Copenhagen (Menu)

The Offset sofa is the result of research into ‘balance’ by Norm Architects. The studio wanted to create a sofa as simply as possible while embracing a set of paradoxes: making it substantial yet delicate in appearance, architectural yet inviting and cosy.

The Offset Loose Cover introduces increased longevity, functionality, and versatility to the collection, with a removable and washable exterior crafted from a custom-made cotton and linen blend textile in three timeless colours. The soft, natural, and easy-to-clean cover creates a relaxed silhouette for the sofa.