Stone Bowls

For ages, stone bowls have stood out as a reliable pick for tableware. Their visual appeal and durability are widely appreciated. Not only can they be used for serving food, but they also serve as versatile containers for fruits, nuts, keys, coins, or even decorative pieces. Discover our recommended stoneware brands.

Stone Bowl by Studio Corkinho

Discover the allure of Studio Corkinho's  Erosion Petit Bowl, a masterpiece born from passion and meticulously handcrafted in Belgium. These bowls are crafted from 100% authentic Pierre de Varennes, Pietra di Medici, and Beige di Medici stones.

 Stone Bowl by Kristina Dam

Consider the captivating sandstone Lacuna Bowl as a fantastic option for your stone bowl collection. This attention-grabbing piece effortlessly enhances your coffee or side table. Fill it with potpourri to infuse an extra earthy touch. 

Stone Bowl by The Loft Selects

Discover the Mun Stone Bowl – a true gem in our best-selling collection. Carefully chosen for their distinctiveness, every bowl has its own special tale to share.