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  • Close-up of the AML stool by FRAMA, showcasing its smooth surface and detailed craftsmanship. Adds a touch of sophistication to any space.
  • Frama AML stool with books on it
  • FRAMA AML Stool Wenge - a small wooden chair or side table set in a light lofty interior
  • AML Stool Wenge by FRAMA placed in a contemporary living area. Combines comfort and aesthetics for a functional seating solution.
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AML Stool Wenge

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The AML Stool is a practical, lightweight furnishing that complements any home décor. Its versatility allows it to be used as a bedside or side table, drawing inspiration from classic designs. Incorporate this statement piece with your favorite novels or as a convenient surface for your drink of choice.

We recommend pairing the dark wood and these metal elements for a chic, sophisticated look: Rivet ShelfRivet Typecase or Rivet Box Side Table. Or the whole collection by Frama.

Product Features

• H: 31cm x W: 30cm
• Solid oiled wenge
• Made in Denmark

Care Guide

wipe clean any light marks or dirt with a slightly damp cloth and buff with a clean dry cloth in the direction of the grain. We suggest using a wood polish for any tough marks, and avoid using abrasive cleaning materials.