If you're in search of a design rug to elevate your interior, take a moment to explore our collection, which features renowned brands such as Zakaria Rugs and Capellen Dimyr. Our selection includes a variety of options, including rugs, carpets, tapestries, and colonnades, allowing you to find the perfect addition to your interior.
  • The grey PCB Rug by Zakaria Rugs hanging from a wall in a light interior room. PCB Rug by Zakaria Rugs.
    Zakaria Rugs

    PCB Rug

    Original price €1.250,00 - Original price €3.500,00
    Original price
    €1.250,00 - €3.500,00
    Current price €1.250,00

    The color gray is no one’s color. It is the color of cubicles and winter camouflage, of sullage, of inscrutable complexity, of compromise. It is t...

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    Available in multiple variants