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  • Close-up of the Kizu Portable Lamp Gris du Marais by New Works.
  • New Works portable table lamp with gris du marais marble outside on wall
  • new works kizu table lamp portable with gris du marais marble on table setting outside
  • Kizu Portable Lamp Gris du Marais by New Works. Set on books on side table in neutral bedroom interior.
  • Detail shot of the Kizu Portable Lamp Gris du Marais by New Works.
  • Kizu Portable Lamps used in a light and lofty interior setting with big wall art sculptures at Enter The Loft.
  • New Works Kizu Portable Table Lamp Gris du Marais Marble Bottom Cable Detail
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Kizu Portable Lamp Gris du Marais

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The shimmering surface of Gris du Marais contrasts the clean white upper part of the lamp, while the bright streaks of the stone’s natural pattern harmoniously tie the elements together. In a play with shapes and materials, which culminates in the kissing point between the two forms, Kizu spreads its soft light as an intriguing modern sculpture. You can use this lamp outside, or in a difficult corner where there is no electricity.

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Product Features

• Ø18 x H24 cm
• Integrated three-step dimmer, bulb included
• USB-C cable, 2000 mm, 5V/1A universal USB adapter
• Operating time: 10-11 hours (at 100% brightness)
• Charging time: 7,5 hours (0-100%)

Care Guide

Turn off the electricity before cleaning the lamp. Wipe the lamp exterior with a soft dry or moist cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaning tools, and never use strong cleaning agents such as household glass cleaner, white spirit, or turpentine.