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  • Stair Sculpture by Kristina Dam.
  • Stair Sculpture by Kristina Dam 2
  • Stair Sculpture by Kristina Dam - packshot
  • Stair Sculpture by Kristina Dam - packshot 2
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Stair Sculpture

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The Stair Sculpture is an art piece in its appearance. It will draw your attention by its structure, shape and proportions. You can enjoy the Stair Sculpture from every angle and place it wherever you like in your home – on a coffee table, on the windowsill or stacked on your favourite books.

The design approach from Scandinavian designer Kristina Dam Studio is called "Sculptural Minimalism". They are graphic and architectural with a high level of detail and excellent craftsmanship. Her furniture is mostly made from natural materials. They believe that mastering the monochromatic palette enables us to create timeless and enduring designs.

Product Features

• W16,5 x L16,5 x H16,5 cm
• Terracotta with Engobe finish

Care Guide

Handmade sculpture, small differences in shape and color may occur. Do not use any chemicals to clean the surface. Use only warm soap water and dry with a soft cloth.