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  • Desk Sculptures by Kristina Dam.
  • Desk Sculptures by Kristina Dam - details
  • Desk Sculptures by Kristina Dam - details
  • Desk Sculptures by Kristina Dam - set of four
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Desk Sculptures

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The Desk Sculptures are perfect for single use, all together as a set of 4 – a small collection of still-life sculptures in different materials. These delightful desk objects will serve beautifully during your weekday desk meditation at the office, or create an ever-changing display in your living room. 

The design approach from Kristina Dam Studio is called "Sculptural Minimalism". They are graphic and architectural with a high level of detail and excellent craftsmanship. Her furniture is mostly made from natural materials. They believe that mastering the monochromatic palette enables us to create timeless and enduring designs.

Product Features

• Round paperweight terracotta: Ø10 cm
• Square bookend marble: L12 x W2 x H20 cm
• Oak cone: Ø7 x H16 cm
• Brass arc: L20 x W3 x H10 cm

Care Guide

Gently wipe clean with a dust cloth and buff out any stains with care.