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  • Offset Candleholder by Kristina Dam with a candle.
  • Offset Candleholder by Kristina Dam.
  • Offset Candleholder by Kristina Dam seen from multiple angles.
  • Offset Candleholder by Kristina Dam set in a warm and chic interior at Enter The Loft.
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Offset Candleholder

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Travertine and sandstone meet in this sculptural candleholder. Two natural materials that have been cut, put together and aligned offset on purpose. The balancing act holds a candle or works as a sculptural detail on its own.

The design philosophy of Scandinavian designer Kristina Dam Studio is known as "Sculptural Minimalism." Her designs are both graphic and architectural, showcasing exceptional attention to detail and craftsmanship. Utilising natural materials, Dam creates furniture that is both simple and timeless. By focusing on a monochromatic colour palette, her designs achieve lasting, enduring quality.

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Product Features

• Sandstone and Travertine
• Volume 1 — L12 x W7 x H12 cm
• volume 2 — L10l x W7 x H10 cm

Care Guide

Travertine and sandstone are materials that require gentle care. gently wipe clean with a damp cloth and avoid using harsh chemicals to clean the surface.