Jars Céramistes

Durable and responsible ceramics. Hand-made in France with natural materials, respectful of humanity and the environment. Imagined for the everyday and made to last. Which offers lasting everyday luxury. One of carefully hand-crafting beautiful objects. Transmitting artisanal know-how, requiring patience & care in mastering the right gestures. Pieces that bear the imprint of the ceramicist's hand. With love for all their imperfections. Their truth to the material.
If you want something which you cannot find online just let us know. If we do not have the right amount of stock, we can order it for you without extra costs.
Jars makes several collection which present a certain cuisine or style. In our collection you can find Wabi, Dashi, Tourron, Les Sages and Maguelone.
Wabi,  Inspired by the Japanese Wabi Sabi philosophy, a collection that celebrates artisanal purity and simplicity. Rough & textured materials. Hand-made production.
Tourron, a timeless basic. The purity of a perfect round. The ideal collection for fun, mixing and inventing. The magic of a palette of pretty glazes.
Les Sages, sculptural vases to play on the combinations of volumes, textures, materials, and create graphic compositions. To welcome these little bouquets of little things. Wildflowers or wild grasses, gleaned with love during a walk along a country lane. A limited edition collection.
Maguelone, an island facing the Mediterranean. Soft winds in the pines. A poetic, sensual collection. Perfect-imperfect plate, with irregular lines. An organic and delicate shape, showing the hand of the ceramicist.

Dashi, this is a range of bowls for broths, ramen or rice. Unique pieces for an exotic table. Poetry in irregular material and ashen glazes. Almost art.